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Beautiful South-West Germany
  Grünstadt is part of the Leinigerland and so lying right in the middle of the beautiful region "Pfalz" (=Palatinate) next to the river Rhine - which not only we ourselves think one of Germany's most beautiful landscapes. In case you have not been here yet, this collection of pictures will help you getting your own impression for sure.
  Something which can hardly be transported by pictures: Around here, openness and friendliness is in everybody's heart. "Foreigners" are integrated quickly and find themselves very soon sitting in the neighbor's backyard being invited for a glass of wine.

Talking of wine, the region "Pfalz" is often called "Toscana of Germany". That means besides a very warm climate - at least compared with the rest of Germany - we enjoy day by day the look over our vineyards of Germany's largest wine producing region.

Just in a few minutes by car we find ourselves in the "Pfälzerwald" (=Palatinate forest), Europe's largest contiguous forest, which invites families, sportsmen and tourists to go on their tours. Culture and history can be experienced directly, for example by visiting ancient castles and palaces. Wonderful for kids and adults!
  All those advantages would be narrowed, if this great place was located far away from Germany's big cities and centers. Contrariwise! Located in the midst of the cities Mannheim, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Kaiserslautern, Mainz and Frankfurt we can reach all of them easily in 1 hour by car at the most. By the way, the "Rhein-Neckar-Region" is the seventh largest economic area of Germany and is just 15 minutes away. Great choice of possibilities to go shopping, go to the university, enjoy recreation etc. for all interests, young and old.
  Some examples:

Airport Frankfurt/Main: 45 min.
Airport Hahn ("Discount-Airlines"): 60 min.

Universities Mannheim, Mainz, Heidelberg: 15-40 min.

Shopping Centers/Malls Mannheim/Ludwigshafen: 15 min.

Skiing Black Forest: 2 hrs.
Skiing Vorarlberg: 3,5 hrs.
Last but not least, the housing situation around here is a big asset of the region. Beside all the amenities mentioned above, you will find almost always something for any taste: modern or classical and picturesque, located in the vineyards or in the forests? What do you prefer? Nevertheless, combined with advantageous rental fees the quality of life over here is really convincing.

If you now ask yourself: "Where is the catch in it?" Then you will hear us answering: "The catch? Guess why we live here!"
Impressions of our region: