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Copyright • Berger-Seidle GmbH • Maybachstr. 2 • D-67269 Grünstadt/Pfalz • Germany • Tel +49 (0) 63 59 / 80 05 - 0 • Fax - 50 • E-mail:
  The original Berger company was a varnish plant founded by Philipp Berger in 1926 in Ludwigshafen, on the river Rhine, famous for its chemical industries.

Georg Seidle GmbH, was founded in 1946 in Freiberg. These well established companies with their own independent range of finishing products were merged in early 1988 with the takeover of Seidle by Phil. Berger GmbH.
  This merger brought about a dramatic increase in development programs and marketing activities. The resulting range of high tech water-based products was developed, and attained both the high environmental standards and the best technical performance standards currently available. The merger led to the launching of a series of outstanding new and innovative problem-solving products, in a rapidly expanding market.

In 1991, the company was restructured, relocated in Grünstadt, and renamed Berger-Seidle Siegeltechnik GmbH. Since then it has achieved a worldwide reputation in the specialized field of hardwood floor finishes.