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Solvent-based Systems    
The classic Berger-Seidle hardwood-floor finishing systems based on solvents convince since more than a half century by maximum quality and best results.
Solvent-based Systems   And in the case of Berger-Seidle "solvent-containing" does not at the same time mean "harmful to health". Quite the contrary: Our customers very highly appreciate our healthprotecting formulations. So in most of the products you will find a particularly gentle formulation, based on natural oils, raw materials from sustainable sources and a high solid content (= best solvent minimization)! Proceeding from our know-how we could salvage almost all of our traditional main products through the new, advanced limit values defined in the VOC regulation (decopaint directive) without going back on their quality and application characteristics.

The leading quality level in the market with an excellent reputation in the world of professionals.