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  Indoor systems

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Outdoor systems

OutdoorOil ® Nature
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Oil Systems    
IThe oil systems by Berger-Seidle are linking in a special way the long-standing technique of oiling from the past with the high-tech requirements of the present and the future.
Classic Oil   The permanent improvement by increasing the portion of natural components, sustainable raw materials and consequently unobjectionable components form the objectives of our R&D department in the fi eld of oil systems. Man and the atmosphere are gone easy on, this is what we and our customers expect from modern oil systems.

Our oil products give proof of this not being detriment to the look, quality and usability of oil systems. In the form of our pure oil and oil-combo systems we further are in the position to make possible the versicoloured variety in uniform look reflecting the individual taste. 33 standard shades meet almost any colouration desire. The result are ecological oil systems which enthuse.