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Adhesive Systems    
Berger-Seidle hardwood-floor adhesive systems allow the complete installation with ideally harmonized products sourced from one stop.
  In this field Berger-Seidle offers a mature and well-diversified product family. The brands BergerBond ® and Berger-Primer ® stand for products "underneath the hardwood floor". Intensive research work as well as dialogue with the users and comprehensive practical know how form the basis for this mature and well-rounded adhesive range offered by Berger-Seidle.

This way the floor installer has the chance to get the products needed from his specialist Berger-Seidle, with minimum technical risk and only little handling effort.

The adhesive range satisfies maximum quality requirements; in combination with absolute user friendliness, reliability, universal applicability and high adhesive power.

Berger-Seidle hardwood-floor adhesives offer maximum environmental friendliness, up to the state of the art. That's why the system's another quality feature is, of course, the EC1-marking.